The Basque Language is a phonetic language and its pronunciation is quite straightforward and easy for native speakers of English. All letters are pronounced but some have a special pronunciation in comparison with English. For example, There is no buzzing “z” sound in Basque. The “z” is pronounced like a double “ss”. Basque vowels are pronounced like the vowels in Spanish, but Basque speakers on the French side of the border often pronounce their vowels as they are pronounced in French. There are also pairs of letters that are treated as indivisible units such as “tx” in the word “etxe” (house) which sounds like “et-che”. While Basque may look like a difficult language to learn, it is not too difficult to read its phonetic. You can give it a try by watching this subtitled version of the video of the song “Bihotz” by Basque group Ken Zazpi. The most famous Basque pop-rock band recently recorded a Symphonic version of their work with the Euskadi Symphonic Orchestra.