The Basque Country is a culinary destination. One of the greatest Basque Country attractions is to undertake a tour of the renowned pintxos bars. The pintxo is to the Basques what tapas are to the rest of Spain.

We developed a fondness for the vast selection of pintxos bars in the historic district of San Sebastian. Our favourite was A Fuego Negro, owned by young chef Edorta Lamo. Influenced by the New Basque Cuisine movement, Edorta is reinventing those traditional small snacks by adding his own personal touch. Edorta offers his clients avante-garde pintxos, each more original than the next. He gracefully offered to introduce us to the city’s culinary secrets and invited us for a gustatory experience through a tasting of some the best pintxos we had during our stay. You can discover his original approach in this excerpt from the film The Basque Country: A Nation Without Borders.

What is your favourite pintxos bar in the Basque Country?