During our tour of the Basque Country, we had the chance to meet with the members of the group Kalakan who introduced us to their music, which is inspired by Basque folklore and uses traditional instruments. This enthusiastic trio is composed of Thierry Biscary, Jamixel Bereau and Xan Errotabehere, all from Iparralde (French Basque Country). In the film The Basque Country : A Nation Without Borders, Kalakan offers a txalaparta demonstration.

The group has lately acquired a worldwide recognition after having been invited to join Madonna’s most recent world tour. Their song Saraga Jo! (a basque classic that can be heard at the end of this clip) has been a hit with Madonna’s fan in all parts of the world.

The two clips below are from footage shot with Kalakan during our journey in the Basque Country and showcase their talent.