During a visit in an Ikastola, a Basque School, we asked students to tell us about their favourite basque artists. Many indicated “KEN ZAZPI” as their favourite. Etienne was curious and went to buy Ken Zazpi’s most recent album (available on iTunes). He quickly appreciated what he heard and is now a true fan.Ken Zazpi is an Euskadi-based band that first appeared on the pop-rock scene in 1996. Ken 7 (“Zazpi” means “seven” in the basque language) has an original pop-rock style influenced by traditional basque music. The group is often compared to the famous Irish band U2. One can definitively hear U2’s influence in Ken Zazpi’s music which also has politically-engaged references in its lyrics. To learn more about Ken Zazpi’s work and discover an icon of contemporary basque culture, watch the video clip of the song Hel Nazazu Eskutik from their album Ortzemugak Begietan.