Kepa Junkera is the master of the trikitixa, the diatonic accordion, and is very well known in the Basque Country and beyond. He is very interested in incorporating sounds from around the world into his work to produce original compositions with a modern touch.

The trikitixa is an instrument that was introduced relatively recently (19th century) in the Basque country. With its happy and festive sound, it is an instrument that has been naturally adopted by the Basque to animate their many festivals and celebrations. We had the honor of meeting Kepa in person and watching one of his show.

Many of Kepa’s original compositions can be heard in the film The Basque Country: A Nation Without Borders, such as one of his greatest hits, Bok-Espok. The song, which can be heard in this video, showcases many important Basque cultural symbols mixed with other cultures, illustrating how the Basque people are open to the modern world.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover this great Basque artist.

Bok-Espok – Bilbao on iTunes.