One of our biggest challenge on this shoot in the Basque Country was the fact that our little Henri, two and a half years old, was in tow! Actually, the preparations for his participation began months (even years!) before our departure. Despite Henri’s young age, it was actually his third time in Europe. In fact, he had joined us the year before on our scoping mission to the Basque Country and shortly thereafter learnt how to identify the Basque flag and to shout Euskadi (Basque Country)! Needless to say, he has been well received here, a place where children are treated like royalty. Of course, as many of you know, when travelling with children one needs to be creative. In our case, we had many strategies for entertaining Henri, a key one being his camera which was stored in Étienne’s camera bag and would come out only when we were are all “working”. Henri loved to imitate his father and his perspective on what is worth capturing was refreshing. It goes without saying that, while Henri did make this shoot more work in some ways than our previous shoot in Argentina, he also made us laugh–and seeing him flourish in this environment was thrilling.